At Home With An Artist Part 3

Posted on March 23, 2012 by Terie Shields | 2 Comments

 Last post on this artist's home, but certainly not least. 

You might be able to snap 3 great pics in most people's kitchen.  In Aimee's - I shot like 50.   There are so many things to see here......

First of all, check out all the bookshelves.  What a dream for those of us who like to "Live With What We Love" out in the open.

Still looking for the perfect sconces - that is what the electrical boxes are for.

Must give you a closer look ........

Remember John Whitney from the den,  this is another oil by him.  An oil of their family dog sits next to a photo of their son and his childhood pinch pots. 

Aimee calls this her "black sheep" painting!?  I hated to tell her, but this sheep is white?!

One of her prized possessions is the vintage oil of the nun she calls, "Sister Margarita."

Mind you none of this was staged, visit her house tomorrow and she'll have all new gathered things.  But for now its a box of bird matches in a bird bowl with a feather she found in her yard and two wishbones (I'm scared to ask from what!) and a coffee scoop.

Aimee is the middle of 3 sisters,  she loves this little coaster.  All in a row at her kitchen window is a tiny bowl of pink seedlings and then these 2 little "seeds of happiness" (see the smiles on their faces)?  I will tell you more about these soon. 


I caught Aimee and Alli in the back yard, photographing and cataloging linens, trying to get her website up to speed.

Buy these lovely linens of Aimee's in the online shop soon!  Don't worry,  I will tell you when they are in.

Have a great weekend!!

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August 11, 2012

Superior thinking dmeonstatred above. Thanks!


March 24, 2012

Your aunt has great style! I really enjoyed the tour.

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