Watersound Wonderful 3

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 The final post of the Watersound Residence.  I think this room is my favorite.  There are photos of the kids along side the bottle cap snake on this chest.  This house has all white walls and is never lacking pops of color.

This bed was purchased (for a dream) at the St. Charles Gallery Auction in New Orleans.  I got really funny looks when I said it was going to the beach (it was dark brown then).  When painted white ~ its perfectly fitting!    

All white (all washable) bedding.  Kids art work makes a super special wall statement.

As a child, I would have fought for the top bunk here - for sure.

Then I would have changed my mind, when I walked onto the porch and saw this pair of awesome bed swings.

Each side of the spacious porch has one. 

Now to the other end of the house for the upstairs master.  It is perfectly lovely room.  Simple and serene as the downstairs master.  It has all the comforts a guest could ask for.

Remember the dining room set from downstairs,  this is the hutch that went with it.  Scott did his magic paint trick then we removed all the glass from the doors and replaced it with sheered green and cream checked silk.  It now is a drop dead bedroom piece.

Hope you have enjoyed this house tour. 

Have a great day!

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June 25, 2012

It’s raelly great that people are sharing this information.

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