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Posted on February 07, 2012 by Terie Shields | 2 Comments

Several years ago, I found these words that I loved and so my dear friend Brenda Griffen painted them for me on a wall of an office I rented. I am so pleased to know that the owners now have not yet painted over it.  How could they?  It is so beautiful.


Speaking of Brenda, I want you to see a few other things she has done for me.

She hand painted this "S" for me in the center of an embroidered hand towel.

This lovely monogram on the crest above this window treatment in a client' s home.

She also did these little note pads as party favors for my daughters graduation party.

To see more of her amazing work, please visit

Have a wonderful day!



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June 25, 2012

Check that off the list of tihgns I was confused about.


February 07, 2012

The window treatment is amazing!

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